Rachael & Miles at Tanglewood Estate, Mornington Peninsula

Wow wow wow is all I can say about this wedding!! Rachael & Miles had the most stunning day at the beautiful Tanglewood Estate winery. 

Here’s the the story of how they met…….

Well the first time we actually crossed paths was a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party in Port Melbourne however we 

were both dating other people at the time! A few months later we were both single and I (Rachael) added Miles on 

Instagram and he accepted. We then started talking on Facebook and finally caught up at Miles house, the best thing 

was, when we went to get dinner I (Rachael) had to drive because Miles didn’t have a license at the time and to 

make it even more funny was when we went to pay for our pizza, he had also forgotten his license

The Proposal Story

Miles had bought the ring and was planning to propose on our up coming trip to Japan with Family and Friends. He 

hid the ring in a shoe box in his cupboard, he said that sometimes he would quickly go look at it, yelling out to me to 

check I wasn’t coming in the room!! He found it so hard to wait that long that he did it earlier on a lovely Spring 

afternoon at Torquay Beach. We had booked a nights stay at a cute little Air BnB, we pulled out a picnic blanket and 

he gave me a message in a bottle asking ‘Will you marry me?’, it was super simple but so romantic, just perfect, and 

he even managed to sneakily film it with our Go Pro!! Everyone was super thrilled and excited so we rushed back the 

next day and had a lovely celebration lunch at Casa De Playa in Mornington.

Their inspiration for the day

We actually didn’t really have a ‘theme’ to be honest. We just selected things based off what we liked! We knew we 

wanted it to be simple yet slightly romantic with a modern aesthetic. We really focused on letting the natural beauty 

of Tanglewood be the start with ascent floral arrangements that were warm, romantic and with a pop of rich 

colours. Rachael designed the stationary which we also wanted to be minimal and modern to be complimented by 

the textures and florals. The neon sign that was on the barn door was actually a last minute add in, our good friend 

Jo has recently started her own business The Style Hire & Co and she posted the sign and we just knew we had to 

have it and it was the bridge between all elements of the wedding, tying it all together whilst reflecting our fun and 

modern vibe.

Most Memorable moments from the day

When we spoke about this question we thought it was almost impossible to pin point at moment. Miles said it was 

everything, the entire day! I really loved before the bridal party left the house we had time to sit down and have 

lunch all together at the table and it was just a special moment to pause and share a meal before the big event!! The 

ceremony it self has been one of our favourite parts of the day, its nerve racking, exciting and emotional. One 

moment we will hold close to our hearts was sharing the sunset together. We patiently waited the sun to pop out 

below the clouds, the sky grew brighter and more amazing with every second, and as it set it was the biggest and 

warmest sunset we had seen, we felt that this was Miles’ Dad, Chris who passed away last year, giving us a sign of 

warmth and love. It was super special and the photographs of it just capture it so well. we will cherish those forever.

What vendors did you love?

The staff at Tanglewood Estate were awesome, I didn’t need to worry about a single thing 

Jessica Rose was so great to work with, she made you feel comfortable and it was awesome to always see her great 

smile behind the camera. The photos are amazing, looking at them makes us so happy and nostalgic, she captured memories that will last for ever.

Rachael Mary was so fun and calming, she has a fantastic presence about her which makes her so easy to work with. 

The films are insane! If I could make everyone get a videography at the wedding, I would!! 

Megan our celebrant is the best celebrant I have ever seen. She married my brother and his wife, and we just loved 

her so we followed suit! She has such a vibrant energy about her yet she is so organised and makes you know that 

you have nothing to worry about! Also, great fashion (which is important for the photos haha!)

Advice for couples getting married

Enjoy it and don’t stress about small things because yeah nice flowers and good stationary are important but at the 

end of the day its about you and your partner sharing the special time with each other and all your family and 

friends. Also, get a videographer!!!


scroll to the end for a list of the fabulous vendors that put this perfect day together

Wedding Team

Venue // Tanglewood Estate Dromana

Celebrant // Marry me Megan

Florals // Poppy Culture

Videography // Rachael Mary Films

Gown // Grace Loves Lace

Suits // Briggins

Bridesmaids Dresses // Shona Joy

Catering // Provider 

Neon Sign // The Style & Hire Co